Managed IT Services

New Guard is a full-service IT department for your business that includes a direct-to-tech help desk, remote management & monitoring, as well as proactive maintenance & system updates.

Built on detailed documentation generated by New Guard’s IT Strategy & Planning services, and incorporating real-time diagnostic data from multiple complimentary support & security tools, our engineers leverage their extensive knowledge of your systems to efficiently resolve and prevent problems.

Our goal is to reduce your business’ time lost by quickly resolving issues and preventing future incidents from occurring.

Direct to Tech Help Desk

Whether it is an ongoing issue or a simple question, our Help Desk is ready to assist.

New Guard prides itself on personable technicians who are extensively familiar with your systems and personnel, allowing issues to be resolved quickly and permanently, so you can focus on what you do best.

Remote Management & Monitoring

Network and device monitoring enables New Guard to respond to emerging problems before they impact your business.

State of the art applications are deployed on your systems to detect, prevent, and minimize cyber-attacks. New Guard’s toolset is expertly designed to improve security and maximize the performance of your infrastructure.

Proactive Maintenance & System Updates

Software and firmware updates are critical to preventing problems, enhancing security, and ensuring all systems are running optimally.

Updates are thoroughly tested and regularly deployed to every device on the network to limit any disruption to your business.

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